Product integrity and business transparency is at the very heart of our business. It is our vision to generate sustainable social profit alongside financial profit through social entrepreneurship and ethical business practices. To this end, we use quality ingredients, charge reasonable markups and pay fair wages. We also actively engage in our community and invest in our team members’ personal and professional development to bring you a product that you can enjoy; knowing that you are engaging in positive change for South Africa and its people.

Here’s a breakdown of how your average purchase at Grounded is being spent:

Echo Youth Development is not only a shareholder in Grounded,
it lies at the core of who we are.

A registered non-profit organisation (Sec 18(A) 930033233; 2001/02573308) established in 2001 to assist those with no support base. Since then, ECHO has grown into an organic community of people trying to do life together.

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